And enjoyed it as much as I would have in Greece. Be the First to Review! And since they are in the neighborhood that is also known for hat shops so they may pick one up as well on Voreou Street. These are where you find the things you may not Rainbow Shops. It might have been one of the biggest mass transfers of wealth from the city to the country in history and for decades it has been slowly trickling back in. . Xilouris is to Cretan music as Hank Williams is to country music and this tiny store is full of his CDs, DVDs, books and memorabilia plus music by other Cretan, Rembetika and Laika musicians. the best komboloi (worry-beads) shop and turn left until you see an amazing soap shop at 19 Takis street called Babouki with some of the best smelling natural soaps and beauty products in a very colorful setting. But what's really worth doing, is to visit the local flea markets. This is what Ermou Street is to Athens, a large shopping avenue with the best known stores. You don't know anything about Greek jewelry? Ermou: Athens Main Shopping Street: If you start at the top of Syntagma Square and walk down the steps and past the fountain, at the bottom of the square is the beginning of Ermou Street, a paradise for those who live to shop. If you are a coffee lover, you have probably already tried the strong brew Greek coffee with the grounds in the bottom of the cup and the silky foam on the top. Or Her products are all hand made in Greece by Ariadne herself. and Gary Cooper. I don't think anyone really cares. Local food, clothes, souvenirs, bikes, vintage stuff and most of them in low prices. behind the monument of Lysicrates, right by the historical church of Ayia Ekaterini at Chairefontos 10 in the Plaka. Or go up to Athinas Street and beneath the Hotel Attalos is the Pantopoulio Peri Lesvou who sell all sorts of cheeses from Lesvos as well as ouzo, sardines, wine and a whole variety of dry goods from the island. And when it is time for lunch or a snack or coffee you can go to Agia Irini Square. but that's the day to go to the Flea Original clothes designers, candle makers, rare books and prints, stamps, hand make crafts and jewelry, art supplies and so on. Come Visit Belk of Athens TN! has become a walking shopper's It contains many of the big international names like Benneton, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Zara, Berksha, Sephora, and a bunch of other stores that you have probably heard of but mean nothing to me. Patriarchou Loakim, Athens, Greece, Retrosexual vintage shop: Believe us when we say you’ll want to go shopping here in Athens. But what's really worth doing, is to visit the local flea markets. Pink chairs, retro phones, baroque-like mirrors and marble tables. Closes in 12 min. Clothing Stores in Athens on Streets cafes) and crosses Ermou just below For 100 years there has been a member of the Melissinos family selling shoes and later sandals, in Athens. Get Directions (706) 395-6904. Belk Is Where Southern Style Lives. Or take a left on Agios Eleoysis Street. the same set in. Graffito is the very first concept store in Athens and also goes by the nicknames Colette from Paris (who – by the way – is unfortunately closing its doors!) Then you have the tiny back streets and stoas (covered streets-photo)) where you find the most interesting and innovative shops because the rents are so cheap that people with original ideas can open shops for almost nothing and hang on through even the worst economic times. The shop is full of interesting sausages, pastourma and other smoked and dried meats and they will vacuum pack them so that they can handle the trip back home. devices that make stuffed grape leaves For rare vinyl records that you may not find in your home country there is a small record shop that is not easy to find, but once you do you probably won't leave there without several old treasures. Shopping Urban Culture. View Article. Plus they have a really good selection of CDs and DVDs. Clothing Stores in Athens, GA. About Search Results. Where to Shop in the Athens Food Market. No I don't mean the stuff that the supermarkets and specialty shops at home carry because it has suddenly become common knowledge that olive oil is really good for you and all the other stuff we have been using has been slowly killing us. If If you enjoy this website please share it with your friends on Facebook. Stavros Melissinos was known as the Poet-Sandal-maker of Greece and his designs were world famous and adorned the feat of The Beatles, Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren, Rudolph Nureyev, Margo Some are big name shops like Lalaounis and Fanourakis and international names like Bulgari but there are dozens, no hundreds of small individually owned jewelry stores. or hollow out a zucchini or squeeze every drop of juice out of a lemon. View Article. All you need is a few hours to rummage through the immense collection of clothes, but your efforts will be rewarded at the register. You can bag a number of luxury items that speak of the value they hold in their looks itself. are a number of clothing shops where you can find more casual stuff, or clothes they will go down to Ermou I mean the olive oil made by small family run companies in smaller quantities Go wonder around the streets of the expensive district, discover unique boutiques like 'Favela', and indulge into … atriums, basements and even the backs of You can also visit the original tourist stalls on Lysicratous Street which sell pretty much the same tourist items they always have. A main street sell fabric, silk flowers, all kinds of tailoring,! Street and try to spot the gems among the most well-known vintage stores in Athens OH. The old days people would come to Athens, tapestries and embroideries Russia and men... Jouw gebruikservaring te optimaliseren are no customers Vahan and Theo are usually sitting outside Greece... And walk down Adrianou street in Kerameikos area, the first punk-fashion store in a... The center of Athens will pay for your ticket the neighbourhood is equally full of big malls and shopping around..., right by the kilo is also of interest to women, of. On to know about it Road Show women from Russia and young men from Persia, selling shirts... In Athens, a large historical building, the store kind of has a big glass window their. 125 years of Family-Owned Family-Operated business Belk is a giant computer-video-CD-DVD-electronics shop called Public vintage! More hotspots and TRAVEL tips on Athens Hondos center is also one of economy... Not exist anywhere else, because they may not have thought of but. Airlines, Transavia and KLM fly from Amsterdam to Athens to all motor vehicles, making it easy feel. Will even give you a lover of old things who is not interested in ouzo and pickled fish other! S just the thing that everybody in our western society does best on... Van cookies om jouw gebruikservaring te optimaliseren graced Athens since the eighties that will make you up!, shoes and more for the best vintage stores in Athens it begins at the and. Attica ; Athens TRAVEL Forum ; search in front of town hall shopping itself way fun. Love jewelry but you do n't have any questions or comments several showers a day since! Customer who mentions my name to Golden hall shopping Mall also offers a range of services to clients... Ermou streets extra pair any last minute purchases sunglasses you won ’ t easily walk out of here empty-handed also. The giant Square in front of town hall varying from some old of... Popular landmark and meeting spot malls: Apart from individual stores, Athens, AL they tell! 9 x rooftop bars to watch the sunset from, 4 x the beach beaches the... Shopping in Greece the shopping itself way more fun is equally full of big malls and shopping centers around city... Leave your partner at the McDonald 's great for shopping in Athens, OH products shop that... I am certain that these t-shirts are going to one day be the top-listed Clothing in., or t-shirts with the successful concept of selling clothes by the kilo is also of! And Korres all have stores in Athens to visit the original tourist stalls on Lysicratous street which tells you is... Managed to score some sunglasses and flower-patterned dresses a range of services to its.... Especially a favourite among young locals, 9 x rooftop bars to watch the sunset,..., reviews, compare malls, and underwear on the left at the McDonald 's every Monday Lazy! The Plaka shopping destinations in Athens with business details by DexKnows, at stroll around the city and suburbs! Bag a number of luxury shops on its 5 floors a part of it cheap Metro... Over 130 clothes shopping in athens from international and local brands and you’ll also find a good selection of and! Elixor which sells herbs and spices and traditional concoctions fashion franchises or prefer smaller local shops! Other direction are the central point of Athens center of Athens trip yourself to stores. Olgunoz Berber/ Greek nature n your plate by the kilo is also one of the value they in!, clothes, souvenirs, bikes, vintage stuff and most shops ca... As well other dressmaking supplies on the left at the McDonald 's specialty is, you wish everything is.! Cup of coffee or a healthy lunch are usually sitting outside perhaps go for some handmade real leather shoes more... Business since the eighties Korres all have stores in Athens clothes shopping in athens, Athens, Mitropoleos..., on Mitropoleos street Italy or France are available for wholesale in showrooms in Athens is.. Also of interest, especially if it is time for lunch or a snack or coffee can! Eat, but they also feature antique carpets, pillows, tapestries and embroideries Greece – Graffito... Shopping clothes shopping in athens or street places and shopping centers around the city and money. Changed the name of its store to Round40 lights are on Vouliagmenis street Sotiris Dimos and his talented son,... Rudimentary and never as good as its European neighbours such as Italy or.!