Save at least £4084 on a new Renault Kadjar 1.3 TCE GT Line 5dr. I love it when I fill up and it register 740 miles until I run out. Went on trip with 5 people and no problems at all (enough space for everyone). Overall a very nice car But it's equally as happy around town. This is my first auto, i have drove other autos like my father's Citroen C3, but this is superb with fast gear changes and a very good economy. You’ll find a plenty of storage in the cabin as well. We would happily recommend the Renault Kadjar if you average 25,000km or more per year, but if you’re on the average side of around 15,000km there are better choices out there. The Intens is the highest grade of Kadjar you can buy. I bought the car as a pre-reg with just 10 miles on the clock (reg May 2016), for £19,999 which I consider a bargain with all the kit you get with the car and I think looks very smart in the black. It builds on Play spec and adds sat-nav, keyless entry, front … - RDS Traffic Alerts do not work I measure 180cm tall (okay, 178cm) and could easily sit directly behind my seating position with plenty of head- and legroom. Very good overall - although 1.5 diesel may suit most people, 56mpg average weekly mpg in very mixed conditions. Seriously would never have another Renault after this. Overall I am really happy with the car, if I were to get another one with the same engine I might well opt for the 4x4 version. The top-spec model here also gets a full panoramic sunroof which, thankfully, is covered by a full shade to stop the cabin heating up uncontrollably in Australia’s summer. As striking as I found the exterior, with the full LED lights and side lighting pack, I found the interior to be a little lacklustre. OMG! It's extremely smooth and quiet when warmed up, I would have another one but have been tempted by the Peugeot 3008, which is a size up from the Kadjar, it probably is the time to give the Kadjar an interior facelift, it's looking a touch dated compared to the current offerings by other manufacturers. So pleased I'm getting a new one, an Iconic tce160 1.3 in November. 2017 Renault Kadjar Signature Nav Tce, Manual, In Beige. Anyone who wants a auto please have a test drive, this car is a lot better than my 2008 SUV I sold by far. It really kills me to write this, but I must. I absolutely love it. The boot measures 462L, expanding to 1478L with the rear seats folded down. It’s hard to hide the fact this isn’t a brand new car. Chose the petrol version as only do about 7000miles per year. Renault released a dealer-only update in August 2017 ( which resolves some of these issues, however, many remain and Renault appears unable/unwilling to resolve them. It is not perfect, I honestly don't think any car is, someone will always want something else, or disagree with a decision made in the design or fit out/ kit out of a vehicle. The Kadjar is definitely suited to anyone doing lots of kilometres because of its 30,000km (or 12 month) service intervals, which compare very favourably against its competition. Car Review - Renault Kadjar 1.5T dCi Bose Edition (A) ... Diesel drone can be annoying, as mentioned earlier, but it is a problem easily solved by turning up the volume on the Bose sound system. Why is it important? Renault Kadjar TCe 165 2018 review Renault's new 163bhp 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine has been fitted to the brand's Kadjar crossover, but is it a perfect match? auto volume Is there a setting in... - Page 2 Bose auto volume - Page 2 - Renault Kadjar Forum Very happy with it, it's good to drive, good fuel economy and it's comfortable with plenty of legroom. As for the gadgets and what you get - pretty darn good for the money. The base Life gets 17-inch alloy wheels, the latest incarnation of Renault’s R-Link infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and niceties such as front and rear parking sensors, a rear-view camera, automatic headlights, and rain-sensing wipers. Like it was with the Kadjar SUV, the Bose edition is the best-equipped variant of all the Renault Grand Scenic models. - Intermittent DAB signal dropout. The German-French turbocharged engine – which is also used in the Mercedes-Benz A-Class – has a power output of 117kW and a healthy 260Nm of torque. Credit: Supplied You do get a fair bit for the extra spend, though: a comprehensive safety tech suite (lacking adaptive cruise control however), sat nav with live traffic updates, heated front seats, seven-speaker Bose audio system, LED headlights with auto high beam, dual-zone climate control and more. Compared to my friends Audi Q3, priced at slightly more than I paid for the Kadjar, there really is no comparison - to which she totally agrees! Car dashboard warning lights: the complete guide, Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. Latest Reviews. Much like the Qashqai, the Kadjar is a child of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Brilliant on fuel, average 52mpg on Dailly Basics use. To me the accessories are all over engineered. This is the best car I have had. It’s an interesting name, Kadjar, and it has two meanings. That’s down to its autonomous emergency braking system, which can’t detect pedestrians or cyclists. The level of this stereo is not set to blow your ear drums out, so boy racers with aftermarket stereos and subs may be a little disappointed. The other, more believable explanation is that it’s based on Qajar, an Iranian royal dynasty that ruled from 1789 to 1925 and whose king, in 1900, bought two Renault vehicles and brought them home. Big tick for Renault there. SORTING OUT BLUETOOTH WHICH MAY BE MY PHONE, ALL THAT I, A 66 YEAR OLD REQUIRES IT'S FANTASTIC! the radio only gives intermittent reception. SatNav is very bad I have had to disable some camera alerts due to false readings and then the car tells me to slow down even tho am stationary. Gasoline particulate filter, Bose sound system with 7 speakers/digital amplifier + 1 Subwoofer, Fingertip controls for audio system, Two rear USB sockets, Adamantium front and rear skid plates, Auto dimming rear view … The only solution was to turn off start/stop, which lets the air-conditioning run at full speed. The garage said that software update on sat nav may have caused this or it may be the phone and are sorting it out now. It take s a little getting used to seeing the edges of the bonnet up by the windscreen when driving at first because it is so curvy. Renault KADJAR is back with its adventurous look and powerful design. Very quick bluetooth pairing with mobile the R-Link system is great. Clearly laid out, practical and suitable, but nothing to stand out from the crowd. This is the last one I will own, and am looking only after 4 months of possession am looking to replace it with a reliable car. The only issue I've experienced is that after my service last week my Bluetooth connection dropped off and my phone would not connect. Available with a premium Bose system that includes 9 high-performance speakers. Something as simple as the 7.0-inch infotainment system isn’t well presented, with the display sitting so far behind the glass it becomes hard to see and read properly in direct sunlight. See, Renault and Nissan’s alliance also extends to sharing engines with Daimler, the parent of Merc. Renault KADJAR New Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this brochure is as accurate and up to date as possible, Renault U.K. reserves the right to modify its models without notice, ... • Connectivity and Sound System • BOSE™ energy efficient sound system: 7 speakers with a … That's probably what won it the review, as the harsh plastics and lack of features seem like damming flaws for the Kadjar. It also can’t brake the Kadjar to a complete stop. Still can get used to doing over 60mpg and just had its first service (as it was registered in May 2016) I paid £300 (Arnold Clark, Inverness) for a 3 year year service plan which includes its first MOT. Reliable, good acceleration and road holding, motor driving a pleasure and copes well around town and country lanes, cannot fault this car. 2020 Renault Kadjar Intens review (video) Brett Davis Feb 22, 2020. Boot space and boot accessibility are good and the styling of the car is very contemporary, I think is looks far better than the German box shape equivalents. If you’re feeling flush, the Signature gets you LED headlamps, a panoramic sunroof, and a Bose sound system with a subwoofer. I Really like the amount of space in the boot, it seems to fit in a lot more than the Freelander. I know I have to change down a little more with this car than I did with the Freelander, but I'll sacrifice a bit of acceleration for extra MPG any day. - No radio text track info displayed It has the guts and the ability to make it happen. Having owned 5 Renaults in the past I had expected more from them. This sound system has been designed and engineered specifically for the unique cabin acoustics of this vehicle. On average I got 56+ MPG with my EDC 2WD. The Kadjar is based on the same underpinnings as the Nissan Qashqai, which itself is named after the nomadic Qashqai people living in mountainous central and southwestern Iran. All in all a great car in looks and style. We have now had the car for 2 years and have been so impressed. Had any fault known to man displayed. Other than that though, the electric-seats are supportive and comfortable, the Bose sound system is pretty damn decent and we tested the Bluetooth telephony system extensively and found the sound quality to be top-notch. There were some problems at the very beginning but got solved very, very fast by Renault dealer (frozen radio, dashboard rattles, window whistle). The gear box also lacks refinement, and tends to linger too long in the lower gears. I'm absolutely satisfied and happy with my purchase of new Kadjar. This is a great car, brilliant to drive the engine is responsive when needed for overtaking, it is comfortable with plenty of room, the build quality is good with no complaints, road holding is also very good the in car entertainment is first class though I did find parts of the sat nav a little tricky to start with but okay when I got used to it. I am Range Rover, xc90, Merc &BMW man ( A badge snob). Sat Nav, Pan Roof, Bose Sound. i USE HALF THE FUEL THAT I USED ON MY INSIGNIA 1.8 PETROL. Pull over on freezing road with daughter and baby with no phone signal. WHAT! In the first three months of this year, Renault Australia has found only 105 buyers for the small SUV. Didn't have to pay anything on its 1st service apart from £48 to have the summer wheels/tyres put back on, plus the car came back cleaned and vacuumed. It's been mildly tweaked and receives a suite of new and updated engines My children ( teenagers) never once bleated about being cramped in the back as they were with the CDI220 estate and our continental trip went quite smoothly. It's very comfortable and the passengers in the back all compliment the legroom compared to other cars they been in. Kad is a reference to quad, for four-wheel drive, while the Jar references the word jaillir, which means to spring into action. We purchased a Top Spec Signature S Kadjar 1.2 Petrol at the end of the 66 registration period, getting a great discount on the list price; so if shopping around for a new registration with a discount is your thing I can advise this. Spent NYE waiting recovery and car now in layby outside dealers. The Kadjar is spacious enough to easily carry four adults. Great car. The R-Link2 system doesn't convince me that it is as good as it could be, but it has reliable and suitable, I just feel with some more investment and out of the box thinking this has the scope to be a great system of infotainment. The KADJAR version Bose®: a refined look with Better Sound The Kadjar Bose® combines sporty elegance with a unique listening experience for even higher levels of distinction and driving enjoyment. I was directed to this Renault by a friend in the trade who really rated them, I laughed in his face. Macchina stupenda, accessoriata. The Euro NCAP rating for the Renault Kadjar from 2015 is five-stars – but it would not get a five-star rating under 2020 testing criteria. Does not diminish my enjoyment of this car. Crafted for you. - Out of date satnav maps (June 2015) The leg room there is very ample and seats very comfortable. If you did 30,000km a year, they – alongside plenty of other similar SUVs – would cost significantly more. Restart car and starts to run so brave to exit 1/2 mile away. Whatever your taste in music, road trips will never sound … August 23, 2017 by phil. Yes, I have to change gear more than I did with the Freelander, but when you're getting more than 60 to the gallon, you can't complain. It wasn’t helped by the fact the start/stop would turn the engine off at red lights to save pittance of fuel, further neutering the system.