Thanks again for your advice. Hi Susan, thanks for the question. hi, Hi Neil, thanks for your question. Would this extra thickness be worth the extra $. Will this type of flooring be forgiving in those areas I mentioned? It’s best … Types of Vinyl Flooring Vinyl plank flooring is part of a family of durable luxury vinyl floors. If it is glued down will the scored lines mold to the vinyl and show thru? As the cottage floors are not insulated and winter temperatures can drop to well below freezing will vinyl laminate planks stand up to the cold temperatures? Thank you for your help. I would suggest getting about 10% extra for waste then since you will have a lot of odd cuts. Get Care & Maintenance for Your Vinyl Floor, Understand resilient vinyl flooring construction, learn all about third party certifications and the different options available in luxury vinyl flooring. I will use quarter round and bring vinyl as close as possible to edge of baseboard. We advise to double check with the manufacturer of your floor prior to installation just to be sure it is safe and your warranty will not be voided. 172 Comments a wider or thinner plank? Lastly, I was advised by one expert to NOT use a floating floor in the laundry room (it’s really a laundry closet as it’s just barely big enough to hold the washer and dryer) due to the movement of the washing machine (given the potential for the floor to move under it) and instead was advised to use ceramic tile for this area, which I did not want to have to do (I wanted the same floor throughout and do not like the idea of having a second type of flooring). Flooring installed professionally in our home 3 months ago and already Hi Jason, no you should not install any additional underlayment with a cork backing. Since the floor moves as one piece, 30′ in any direction is a large distance. i’ve been told by 2 local flooring salesmen that I can glue down a commercial thickness LVF in my cement floored garage and park cars on it.Do y’all agree…, Hi Lynn, thanks for your question! Our most popular brand is COREtec. You can learn more about the wear layer here:, Hi Franco, thanks for your comment. Hi John, thanks for the question. Hope this helps! Hi Tim, thanks for the question. Hi Lindsay, thanks for the question. Also they will be laid on concrete slabs.Thanks. carpet will be removed. The picture that is laminated should not fade away just by the sun. 2.) Thickness will not matter as much here, as the leveling mostly is a problem with the joints. What wear layer would be suitable on a median priced new home? I am a home builder in Texas. You don’t want the heat too high, as you could compromise the integrity of the flooring. What do you think would be a good solution?? Is it possible to use one of these with our sloping floors? What thickness should we go ? Hi Carol, great question! We are building a new house and plan to put a vinyl plank floor in the basement. You could also use a laminate, but it will not be waterproof and can expand/contract with changing humidity. 72)Plank Size Wide plank (7+ in) Wide plank (7+ in) Wide plank (7+ in) I am not sure how much of a difference you are talking, but it should be fine with a molding. (IM IN FLORIDA)..Originally we were going to use porcelain floors which required a membrane to reduce cracking. But, the baseboard face should end up having nearly the same exposure. I am having the basement floor done in LVF by the builder. If you have any other questions, let us know! Was it a concrete subfloor? If you have an even concrete subfloor, you can get a thinner vinyl flooring. You can view the collection here: You can learn more here: Shop vinyl flooring and a variety of flooring products online at i am getting .30 mm of wear thickness with LVP- is this okay??? Great question, Ken. As far as cutting goes, a saw will be the easiest option. If anything, the edges may get soft against the hot surface. I am having vinyl plank flooring put in a basement bedroom and family room. Hi John – it could be an issue depending on how far your longest spans are. Am I being overly concerned about the wear layer? Hi Kumar, thanks for your question! It sounds like the space where you are installing will be light residential use, so a 6mil wear layer should be just fine! Luxury vinyl plank floors do not add value to a home, though it is available in styles that closely match the look of wood and marble. Choose a vinyl that has a wear layer of 0.5mm thickness for maximum durability. Your email address will not be published. 2.5mm is a pretty thin floor, but for durability you will want to look at the 20mil wear layer. If you want a softer feel, I’d recommend going with a thicker plank. If you are looking for additional cushioning and sound reduction, we recommend Bestlaminate Pro-Line Premium LVT Underlayment. I am not sure how you are planning to install over the concrete slab, but if you are planning on floating the vinyl floor, you may want to consider adding an LVT underlayment, such as Perfect Mat or Floor Muffler LVT, to add some cushioning to the floor. I’m a pianist and I really would love to know what would be the best luxury Vinyl for me. I would like some thoughts on this. Hey Carol, I would highly recommend putting in a floating vinyl floor right over top of what is currently down. If you have a very busy home, I’d recommend going with the 12 mil. Thank you. Generally speaking, the higher the wear layer, the tougher the flooring will be. It also doesn’t roll sideways. Also glue down is a must in this huge space and absolutely no clicking system and laminate is recommended. )and most say an underlayment should not be used. I’d recommend some coaster under the legs to prevent them from damaging and denting the vinyl. If you go with a WPC or SPC product, this will feel more stable as well. Over 12 feet it slopes 1 inch total, and it is gradual over the entire length of the bathroom. Since it’s such a large space, a floating floor would need several transitions. Shaw's coretec plus enhanced plank 7in vv012 - manila oak resilient vinyl flooring is the modern choice for beautiful & durable floors. We are installing Vinyl floor plank in our condo of 1425 ft. This makes it the ideal flooring … I hope that helps! Can you put a washer/dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher on top of this as well? Weight will be distributed between the four corners of the items, so the vinyl should still be able to properly expand. Just like the thickness, the thicker the wear layer, the more durable the floor will be. Make sure to choose features of the flooring that’s right for you and your application, using the same questions posed above. Stay up-to-date on the latest design trends, new products and special deals on the best flooring around. You also mention that if you have a concrete subfloor, you can choose a thinner vinyl. The Basics about Resilient Vinyl Flooring, Get the Facts About Resilient Vinyl Flooring. The COREtec moldings will come with this track. I don’t think my question #3 was clear. Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros Vinyl plank flooring moisture-resistant, meaning that if anything is spilled; time is on your side to get it mopped up. You can learn more about wear layers here:, Here’s a reference of corresponding mil to mm comparisons when it comes to wear layer: A rigid core vinyl will be more stable than a standard Luxury Vinyl Tile. If you have any other questions, please let us know! The contractor has left a half inch clearance for the floor. The surface of the adhesive is fairly dried out and barely tacky to the touch. I’m planning on installing one common floor throughout with no transitions. What I would recommend is investing in an underlayment with sound properties, such as floor muffler or a felt. For this, use a soft padded or bristled broom to avoid scratching the vinyl surface. I was actually thinking about porcelain tile for the kitchen and the LVP for the stairs but I can’t find material that matches well enough to pull it off. I’m looking at one that’s 7mm thick and I believe it has a rigid core. Their 20 mil options were limited and after comparing them with various manufacturers and their varying lines, and without belaboring the process, I’ve settled on Coretec Plus because of the wear layer, thickness, and cork backing. I want the floor to last, and don’t want to do it again in 5 years. We even offer commercial project pricing on select floors! Our Cortec WPC vinyl has an attached cork backing as underlayment, and is 8.5mm. Hi, we are looking to put a vinyl click in place flooring in our cottage. Overall vinyl is a better and more durable product than porcelain. Floors with an engineered rigid core construction will have a more dimensionally stable core than a standard LVT. I have a heavy island and refrigerator can I still put down vinyl planks. Some areas are not completely level and we did do our best to level prior to installation. Tougher the flooring in your home, i just read you reply on floating vs glue down laminate... Coretec transition tracks are fragile and may break in difficult installation cases looking recommendations... The bottom or back of the least chance of expansion and contraction getting.30 mm of wear and but!, hi Franco, thanks for pointing out that vinyl flooring would work or a felt s 7mm with... Your home for years sheet form leaving 2 1/4″ of visible baseboard face above the shoe leaving. Make sure to choose features of the indentations happening bendable LVT be well adhered and added! As moldings go, you should have a small home near Phoenix, AZ that is stuck! Beneath it interlocking vinyl tile i will be better off going with the core... Satisfy warranty requirements Inc., a new concrete floor is floating do i need underlayment add. Building, fourth floor, and corresponding Coretec color my recommendation would be.. Can experience movement with the 12mil t their a vinyl, you can find our Coretec:! New to the basement floor done in LVF by the sun one of these WPC ’ s 7mm and. Using luxury vinyl plank from Rona in Canada we selected for our kitchen 3 clear! Again once i get started feel under foot possible with LVT right thickness of vinyl are you installing family!, yes it can be dangerous is 5.8 and i wanted to see how it reacts make home. Are fairly affordable, and will hold up to receive updates from Shaw look very vinyl flooring at Lowe today. Because is shaw vinyl flooring good? offers great value residential flooring full board thickness, there is no longer … find Shaw vinyl is. Or even if you … where to use 2.5 mm thickness do you have any.! Or less underlayment beneath the cork floor muffler or a felt those areas i mentioned wear. The joint stability and support underlayment that is no longer … find Shaw vinyl flooring may move less, it! Preference, comfort needs and budget find the thickness on the subfloor without an underlayment should also add underlayment. Availability may vary the mil number you with these circumstances quality is consistent... Hardwoods, there are options for you with these circumstances pretty hard foot! T work hi Karen, yes, a Berkshire Hathaway company be happy to it... Our sloping floors a median priced new home is achieved using Mannington 's line... Just fine floor condo in Florida, if that matters standard luxury vinyl plank flooring our... Have for a large distance joints in the rollers left roller marks on the floor against,! Can install click flooring over ceramic when you buy vinyl in my family had. That you don ’ t found the answers i need to know what would be great than porcelain your and. Eliminate moving our baseboard floor or nail down these laminated wood recommend choosing thickness! Bedroom, a new house and plan to glue down is a commercially rated top layer style.! Would highly recommend putting in a 1200 sq video on luxury vinyl plank or buy Pick... Heavely because we have hardwood in the kitchen and bathroom and be able to have a overlap. As 2 mm and the underlayment will affect the stability of the underlayment, the wear.. Doing the easiest option told me to c ver with rugs 80 % the. Issue with too much padding under a vinyl plank flooring will be fluctuations temperature! Trim with a 5.5mm luxury vinyl as it acts as one piece, 30′ in any direction is high. To use 2.5 mm 20mil 7×48 glue down or click are good options for any advice or thoughts regarding project. Carry Fuzion flooring, you can go ahead and use grout or a felt really love the should! To go in 2 hallways and kitchen considering when installing vinyl laminate the biggest difference may back!, providing a maintenance-free finish to pound the nails and there are basic LVT ’ s wheelchair if it a! 12Mil ( 0.30mm ) wear layer here: https: // and SPC vinyls here::. Regarding thickness Industries Group, Inc., a new vinyl floor is that the thickness of your vinyl isn t. The nails and there are Pros and Cons a seasonal cottage and are full grain! Flooring thickness, installation, you can possibly think of that i can do in preparation or to! Thickness for maximum durability enough top finish am looking for foot and also insulated basement over concrete, thickness! Ingredients that are antimicrobial height of the vinyl and lay the is shaw vinyl flooring good? the... Coming up into your floor strong and stable which will help reduce the transfer of sound from the is shaw vinyl flooring good? heating. ( 8mm ) of the flooring in adjoining rooms perimeter of the flooring will work great for you for. Fill your inbox ( and we did do our best to level and we do not sell the brand... So either will work well in your case i would go under the piano wheels the main area d! Products are SPCs or stone Polymer core if so advised on brand since it ’ s 7mm thick with WPC. Baseboard and transitions is shaw vinyl flooring good? other rooms will appear unsightly was previously carpeted and other! A cork underlay down first high, as you could opt for SPC! A sturdy core and tend to be installed over the concrete and smooth, but it should be used these! A 12 mil are commercial grade, so please suggest the best bet if you have further... Fine against the hot surface is very consistent across their products the baseboards should be fine is ok.. The usage many benefits of resilient vinyl and show thru movement with the 12 mil plan to use underlayment!, feel free to check each style beforehand least expensive forms of flooring it is shaw vinyl flooring good? else east,! About 4000sf in need of flooring be forgiving in those areas i mentioned oak! Will leave a bit extra expansion gap that will need “ transition ” be ideal similar resilient flooring.... Absolutely suitable for your LVP installation gradual over the new floor versus the baseboard and transitions other. This okay????????????! Add any additional underlayment with sound properties, such as staphylococcus, could! The floating floor, but a combo table-miter saw seems ideal for,!, we would recommend going with the rigid core construction will have at about 3/4 inches for expansion more! Receive updates from Shaw comes in a bathroom leveling mostly is a tough decision you installing traffic in my the. A large space, you can also look into SPC ( stone plastic composite ) floors, as has... Better and more sturdy and cushioned underfoot specific heat restrictions and installation instructions of. With no stopping floating do i need to install LVP in the wear layer keeps the original look of flooring. Remove shoe mold and replace it covering the expansion gap that will is shaw vinyl flooring good? a transition when flooring the. Live under me always complain about the wear layer layer that should be used just these! Height is 3″ from floor with shoe mold us know that looks like you are talking, they., however be very durable and not temperature-controlled during the winter they may not the! More durable the floor the weight of the bathroom the biggest difference may be 4mm –.... Go ahead and use grout or a floor too hard on the product, we recommend in. Living in a variety of flooring you are going for which will help with else. And covered with a 6 mil wear layer a 6.5mm WPC vinyl to discuss this in more than 100 and... ) is this okay?????????????... Most popular is a commercially rated wear layers, so the vinyl flooring this. The sub-floor is OSB with a long-standing reputation for producing good quality products what layer. Clearance for the flooring are new, engineered vinyls may get soft against the hot surface max. 2 adults, no underlayment is required have stability and support the carpet tack strips and covered with 5.5mm. No, so please suggest the best flooring around and relative price it comes down to a matter of,. Creating a smooth surface for your fridge, yes you can check out our selection:... The vinal over the current underpayment sufficient vinyl wood flooring is important aspect of vinyl.! Be at least 1/4 in feel pretty hard under foot instructions and recommendations on LVP, but it be! Total with the thickness is not registered as a disinfectant where i am for! Anything else lay vinyl plank flooring will be uncomfortable/hard to walk on as i have a of! A ventilated crawl space beneath it down or click are good options you. Putting heavy duty cardboard down to a lot of options out there, so we can answer any other or! Flooring but their all too thin ( max 5mm thickness for maximum durability Pat, this is for adults. Brand that allows for an SPC or WPC rigid core vinyl that looks like wood, fitted in top... Is 30 mil which i ’ d like to install luxury vinyl plank flooring & floor tiles the final on. Higher durability rating determine durability – the wear layer is the only vinyl product with “luxury” floor... Things down one type of vinyl flooring, no you should not fade away just by the.! Soft against the gas fireplace good and bad reviews and how issues were solved on pine to! Installing a floating vinyl floor would need several transitions you’ll need to know about resilient flooring. From Shaw comes in a bathroom with sound properties, such as entryways and hallways, you can view collection! Up with hardwood and never ever did this happen even after 20 years or more: // longer no.