Amount of sugar in Sprite: How much fiber is in Sprite? //--> Copyright © 2005-2021 Bodyventures. Your kidneys have the job of flushing out any of the phosphorus that your body does not need. Phosphorus Food Guide Vegetables Low phosphorus 100 mg or less per serving Vegetables Serving size Phosphorus (mg) Asparagus 4 spears 32 Beans, green/yellow snap ½ cup 21 Beets (canned) ½ cup 33 Broccoli ½ cup 29 Cabbage (green or red) ½ cup8 Carrots ½ cup 24 Cauliflower ½ cup 22 Celery ½ cup 15 Corn, kernel ½ cup 69 Corn, creamed in can ½ cup 66 Cucumber (without skin) ½ cup 11 Soda pop often contains phosphoric acid, which is added to improve shelf life and give carbonated drinks a crisp and tangy taste. Sprite Zero/diet Sprite/Sprite light . Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine 9mg (1%RDA) 9. Calories in Sprite based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Sprite. With the abundance of processed foods with added phosphorus available today, it is easy for most people to consume close to the UL level of phosphorus on a daily basis. Experts aren't sure why drinking soda is linked to osteoporosis. How much phosphorus you need depends on your kidney function. Sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, vanilla wafers, lemon cake, white or yellow cake, angel food cake 8. Amount of Vitamin A IU in Sprite: How much Vitamin B6 is in Sprite? Remember, if you have more than the serving size, you will get more potassium and phosphorus. Amount of Retinol in Sprite: How much Lycopene is in Sprite? Any soda that has a cola flavor contains the acid. A more comprehensive list for the top items can be found at the bottom of the page along with different servings. google_ad_width = 468; The total recommended daily allowance or RDA for phosphorus is 1000 mg. For the 100g serving of Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-types, with sodium saccharin, contains caffeine, which contains 11 mg of phosphorus, the corresponding RDA phosphorus percentage is 1 %, which is the highest item from the list of soda high in phosphorus. Amount of calories in Sprite: How much fat is in Sprite? Phosphorus is a mineral found in many foods. google_ad_client = "pub-1393137165073501"; Does baking soda contain aluminum? A. Certain brands of nondairy creamers, rice milk (unenriched), soy milks 2. Amount of Vitamin E in Sprite: How much Vitamin K is in Sprite? Amount of Vitamin B12 in Sprite: How much Vitamin C is in Sprite? Amount of net carbs in Sprite: How much sugar is in Sprite? If you drink 1 cup of apple juice, you will be getting 300 mg potassium and 20 mg phosphorus. For example, ½ cup of apple juice has 150 mg potassium and 10 mg phosphorus. If you do click them, You might already know that soda and diet soda have a lot of negative health consequences, but you might not be aware of the common health-hazardous acid many sodas contain.