Time. Things Your Executor Can Do. For example, if a child of the deceased misunderstood what property was hers or his, the executor can address this issue through a conversation. Here are a few examples of executor misconduct and what you can do if you suspect it is occurring. Executors, particularly with the control that they have, could also manipulate figures and help themselves to the estate. We’ve already covered the steps an executor would need to take to carry out a Will in a previous post, but have listed the general tasks below. Legal battles and loss of property and assets can be avoided by including a provision in a will that requires the executor to be bonded. It does take time to administer an estate. I would certainly do that were I an executor. There are limits on what an executor can and cannot do. But an executor’s authority isn’t endless. This way, if the executor does decide to steal money or anything else from the estate, the company that issued the bond can reimburse the beneficiaries. While a lawsuit can take a long time to get through the system, you should be able to appear before the court to ask for an injunction quickly. >accounts, nor tell me where the executor currently lives so I can try >to get the information directly. This limits the damage that can be done while the case is being decided. As the beneficiary of your late loved one’s estate, it can be a good idea to know how executors can breach their duties to prevent your inheritance from being compromised. It could have been a lot worse. Executors often do not realise how time consuming probate can be and underestimate its complexity. The sooner you can shut down the trustee's ability to steal assets, the more of the estate you'll likely be able to preserve. If you’ve been named an executor, a couple basic rules of thumb are that you can’t do anything that disregards the provisions in the will, and you can’t act … It is important to note that Executors should not pay cash gifts out of their own money and should never mix their own money up with monies comprised in the Estate. The executor has to trace all accounts and it may be that there is correspondence on there that would help. Executors often do not release the extent of their personal and financial liability when administering an estate when they start the process and this can be a shock later on when something goes wrong. The good news is that after a decade or so there is a fair chunk of money to be redistributed amongst yourself, your sister and your nieces and nephews once you've got it back. Obviously none can say exactly what has gone on but as far as removing the computer is concerned I would have thought that was fairly normal. If you are a beneficiary and are having difficulties with an unhelpful executor, what are the key factors and what can you do ?. Often, executors will go to great lengths to cover up misconduct. Indeed, there was a 30 per cent increase in the breach of fiduciary claims lodged at the chancery division between 2012 and 2013, according to a 2014 ombudsman report. When an Executor is Issued with a Grant of Probate, they will have sworn an Oath or Statement of Truth, confirming that they will administer the estate in accordance with the law.. However, when theft extends to modifying or forging deeds to real property or withdrawing money from the deceased's bank or investment accounts, a judge may need to help you recover any assets.